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A Slice of Heaven Video Devotionals

Would you like your personal devotion time to be relevant, interesting, and understandable?  This hit web series is exactly what you've been looking for! Ben hosts these regular segments of A Slice of Heaven just for you.  Be sure to regularly check our Facebook Page for the latest episodes of A Slice of Heaven.

The Elephant Fetter

Ben explains that the things that we think are holding us back actually have no actual power over us.  Look again, try again!

The Crooked Tree

Each of us have been created for a purpose. That aspect of yourself that you've been viewing as a minus, just may be a plus!

Cutting the Ham in Half

Sometimes the only reason we have for doing what we do is that we've always done it this way. But, does this always make sense?

The Train Ride

Have you every been tempted to judge someone based on a quick glance? Be careful. The truth just may surprise you.

Making A Difference

There's so much wrong with the world that many of us just give up trying. However, your little bit may mean the world to someone. 

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