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Christian ministry is the activity and responsibility of the local congregation in the fulfillment of its biblical role. The ministry of Zion Community can best be defined in terms of the model of the early church--teaching the apostles’ doctrine, engaging in fellowship, commemorating the breaking of bread, praying together, caring for one another, worshiping God, and actively evangelizing the community (Acts 2:42-47). This continues to be the basis of biblical, balanced ministry today.

Zion Community has a host of ministries designed to encourage and equip every member of your household. Whether you are married or single, a man or woman, teen or a child, we have a ministry designed just for you.

Drama Ministry

Judith Jenkins, Team Coordinator

Theatre, film, music and visual arts have a tremendous impact on people. A simple monologue or well-placed skit can bring about eternal change in a person’s life. In a world that has become media driven, Zion's Drama Ministry uses these methods to deliver the unchanging message of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ to a constantly changing world. This ministry, best understood as the Word of God in “action," labors that lives would be saved, healed, delivered, restored and forever changed. 

Whether you check your Facebook page five times a day or have never heard of Twitter, there's no denying it: we now live in a digital age. Social media and technology define not only the way we communicate, but the way we live. This effective ministry harnesses the power of these emerging mediums and ministers with and through them. The ultimate goal of the Social Media Ministry is to effectively reach people for Christ where they already are.

Community Kidz

Tammy Hunt, Team Coordinator

Zion's Community Kidz (Youth and Children's Church) provides a Christ Centered, Word based, youth focused (5 yrs to 13 yrs old) ministry that reflects biblical standards and principles centered around the Word of God.  Community Kidz volunteers endeavor to provide a wholesome, all-inclusive ministry attractive to children and their families. Children's Church team mates work with parents to enhance their child’s overall spiritual development and growth by staying connected by means of communication in all facets of this ministry.

Worship & Arts Ministry

Team Coordinator Wanted

Music is a powerful tool. It has the power to create moods, change atmospheres, and move people to action. In our worship services you will experience a variety of songs and Christian genres. Because our worship service is focused on corporate worship, the emphasis of our Music Ministry is our congregational singing, the Praise Team and our choirs.


The Arts portion of this ministry includes: a Praise Dance troupe, Mimers, and other visual and performing arts.  The goal of our Music & Arts Ministry is to glorify God and minister to the spirit of individuals. This ministry is not entertainment-driven, but God-centered.

Little Ladies Social Graces Ministry

Patrina Copeland, Team Coordinator

This unique ministry leads the way in teaching young women and girls how to move from informal to formal situations with ease and grace. Offering a fresh approach to contemporary social skills in light of Christian values. Participants are taught how best to evaluate each social circumstance and respond with appropriate dress and behavior depending on a variety of considerations. This ministry focuses on using image, poise, and conduct to best represent Christ and family in all they do.

Noon Day Prayer & Fellowship Ministry

Andrew Branch, Team Coordinator

This meets to spiritually strengthen and support every ministry at Zion and cover every member at every level of the church by fusing the three fundamental elements—corporate prayer, fasting, and Bible study. 

Congregational Care

Elder Andrew Branch, Team Coordinator

In keeping with the ministry of Christ, the Elder Care Ministry at Zion seeks to enhance the quality of life of incarcerated or infirm (sick & shut-in) individuals by providing meaningful services and programs that promote physical, mental, emotional  and spiritual health.  This ministry has partnered with several other groups in our congregation to better serve those who need support in prison or while convalescing in nursing homes, hospitals, or even at home.

College Bound Ministry

Rhonda Fitzgerald, Ph.D., Team Coordinator

Zion recognizes that college isn't for everyone.  However, we believe that everyone who would like to give it a shot should have the opportunity to do so. This ministry helps potential matriculants consider the colleges and programs that would best meet their needs.  Additionally, help with FAFSA, scholarships, and exploration of unique programs is also available.

Community Counseling Ministry

Judith Jenkins, Team Coordinator

When a couple, married or unmarried, seeks relationship counseling, one or both parties have recognized that their relationship isn’t working. Although the focal problems may be issues of money, intimacy, communication, impurity, disciplining the children, dealing with in-laws, etc., usually there is underlying division or separation at the heart level. Our goal in biblical Relationship Counseling is to help couples lay hold of the unity that has been God’s plan for marriage since the beginning. 

A Slice of Heaven Devotional Ministry

Ben Fitzgerald, III, Team Coordinator

Wouldn't you like your personal devotion time to be relevant, interesting, and understandable?  A Slice of Heaven video devotionals are just what you need.  Watch as memorable mini-messages (2 to 3 minutes) are presented on FaceBook and YouTube.  Each video devotional features a scripture reference, an unforgettable story, and an application to bless your life. These video devotionals are perfect for Christians who are on-the-go and desire a quick, heartfelt word of encouragement at any point in their day. Just about anywhere there is access to a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, you're invited to join Ben as he presents you and your family with A Slice of Heaven. 

Audio/Visual Ministry

Marcus Cuffee, Team Coordinator

This ministry is surprisingly complex, with needs for many different volunteers with specialized gifts and skills. You may have A/V expertise and/or interests that we are not currently utilizing.  Or, you may have come from another church that provided some A/V ministries that were especially meaningful to you and helped you grow in your faith.  Zion may have all the equipment in place, but are just lacking a few volunteers to provide A/V support for unique services such as, Christian movie nights, seminars, or small-group events.  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Outreach & Evangelism Ministry

Elder Antonio Hollie

Evangelism is sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. As with all other aspects of Christian ministry, evangelism should be done in the power and under the direction of the Holy Spirit. Because evangelism is an expression of God's love for those who don't have a relationship with him we have to trust him to bring about the results we seek. Unlike many of the people who operate with the title "evangelist" in traditional church settings, a true evangelist does his/her best work outside the walls of the church. In addition to organized door-to-door campaigns and deliberate events to share the Good News, this team takes care to also develop authentic day-to-day relationships--coworkers, classmates, neighbors, etc--to introduce them to the Gospel and a more excellent way.

Curbside Shuttle Service

Clarence Tracy Murphy, Team Coordinator

Zion's Shuttle Ministry serves the community by providing members and friends curbside chauffeur service to Zion's worship and special events. We strive to reach out to people who want to attend church, but don’t have the means to get there or just enjoy being driven by someone else. If you would like a ride to one and of our worship services or special events or know someone who would benefit from the Transportation Ministry, call or text us at 757-785-5444. 

Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Elder Toriano Johnson, Team Coordinator

Zion's Youth Ministry provides a Christ Centered, word based, youth focused ministry that reflects biblical standards and principles centered around the Word of God.  Our staff endeavors to provide a wholesome, all-inclusive ministry attractive to all youth ranging from ages 14 years to 19 years old. 

Greeters Ministry

Natasha Bibbins, Team Coordinator

SMILE! A bright smile communicates more than what you say in words.  David wrote, "I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord." Our team of greeters are there to welcome everyone and to serve as general information sources for attendees during worship services. 

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